Commission Rules:
1. No mechs, hentai, men, lots of muscles, or couples.
2. Please familiarize yourself with my gallery and style. That is how a commission will turn out.
3. One character per commission.
4. The completion of a commission can take up to 3 weeks after the payment is received.
5. Commissions are done in digital media only.
6. Please email me at to talk about your commission before payment. I have the right to decline a commission if it is outside my ability to complete.

Fully colored commission  - $50
Colored character commission (no background) - $25

Payment Methods:


Past Commissions and Gifts
Velma (gift for Mike Moon)

Cooke (gift for Mike Moon)

M'Ress (gift for Mike Moon)

Catgirl Nystia (gift for Mike Moon)

Dragon Nystia (gift for Mike Moon)

Tyrone (for a friend)

Yvonne (gift for Mike Moon)

Strawberry (Art Trade for Misty)



Gigi (gift for Mike Moon)

Nystia Bikini Armor (gift for Mike Moon)

Nystia Nightshade (gift for Mike Moon)


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