Retiring a medium...

Hey y'all,

I decided to go ahead and write this post to inform everyone of a recent decision I have made. I will no longer be buying or using Copic Markers. The main reason (something I wish I had known before investing into them) is they are NOT lightfast. In fact, alcohol based markers in general are NOT lightfast. They use a dye based ink which isn't lightfast. Before I used Copic Markers, I created art digitally. When I wanted to dabble with traditional art, I saw and heard about Copic Markers. They were and still are very easy and fun to use. I didn't even think about lightfastness because I didn't know that was a thing. It is a common noob mistake when looking into traditional mediums. I decided to run a test on exposing swatches to regular indoor lighting for one year. At the end of the test, there was little to no fading. However, that test only lasted a year. What happens in 10 years? I'm not sure. I have framed one of my copic pictures and the color still looks fine even after 4 years. But then again, it stays in the shadows of my hallway all the time. In good conscience, I don't feel comfortable any more on selling original copic pieces because I don't know how long they will last in years to come. I'm sure they will last a longer if they are placed in a binder or folder and tucked away from light. I will continue to use traditional mediums such as watercolor and colored pencils because I made sure to buy the supplies that are lightfast. I wanted to give a heads up to everyone in case you wonder why I don't use Copics in my works any more. If you are thinking of investing in Copic markers, I hope this information helps you decide if it is worth it or not. If you are wanting to archive your works on display or sell them, I don't recommend Copics or any other alcohol markers for that matter. I have a small chart below on pros and cons of alcohol markers in general.


-easy and fun to use
-isn't messy (unless you refill them incorrectly)


-absolutely NOT lightfast
-can be expensive depending on the brand


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